Things to Do if You Run Out of Clothes to Wear but Can’t Afford to Buy New Ones


It’s frustrating when you open your closet and realise you have nothing left to wear. Your clothes are either still in the laundry, or you already used most of them recently. The problem is that you can’t afford to buy new clothes yet. They’re not in your monthly budget, and you don’t want to spend on things that aren’t a part of your plan. These are the best ways to solve your problem. 

Organise your closet

You might have the habit of only getting the clothes on top of the pile. You also don’t spend enough time cleaning the closet. As such, you don’t realise that you still own many clothes tucked underneath the closet. It might be time to start organising your closet and find out what else you are yet to wear. Given how often you shop, you will feel surprised to see the clothes you own. If you have a challenging time organising your closet because of its size, you can consider installing a fitted bedroom next time. It frees up more space, and you can decide the details of the design.

Mix and match 

Learn how to mix and match your clothes so no one knows that you already wore them. Find a combination that looks different from the one you wore last time. You can also add accessories such as scarves, brooches, or belts for added highlight. The focus will be on these accessories instead of the clothes you wore again. 

Use neutral or dark tones

When shopping for clothes, choose the ones with neutral or dark tones. They don’t easily stand out. If you’re going to the office on a regular day, standing out isn’t the objective. You just want to look good and presentable. Your goal is to finish the pending tasks at work. 

If you have no choice but to choose from whatever is available in your closet, you can choose these tones. No one will even remember you wore them recently. 

Change something else 

You can no longer change your clothes due to the limited options, but you can still look different. Try wearing a different hairstyle for the day. You can also change your regular makeup. Use a lipstick of a darker tone so your office colleagues will immediately notice it. These changes will move the attention away from what you’re wearing.

Forget what people think

The idea that you have to repeat clothes is only bothering if you think about what other people have to say. If you forget their reactions, it’s quite normal to wear the same clothes again. Besides, sustainable fashion is becoming more popular. Even celebrities repeat popular dresses already worn on the red carpet. Even Kate Middleton does the same. There’s nothing wrong with repeating clothes as long as they’re clean and wrinkle-free.

With these tips, you won’t panic anymore the next time you run out of clothes to wear.


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