Types of TV Mounts to Choose from for a Better Viewing Experience


A television does not necessarily have to be placed on a stand. With the availability of a TV wall mount, it is now possible to just mount the television on a wall for more people to see. It is perfect especially for hotel lobbies or offices where people are watching the TV.

There are different types of wall mounts to choose from. Make a decision based on what is appropriate for the area where the TV is to be placed, and the amount you are willing to spend.

  1. Full motion articulated mount

This is one of the most popular options available. The good thing about this wall mount is that it can be easily repositioned. If you want to move it from one side to another, it won’t be a problem. You can even swivel it up or down. Given its flexibility, it is perfect for large areas.

Made from heavy duty steel, their sturdiness is guaranteed. They also come in various sizes and can hold televisions of different weights. Just stick with quality brands to ensure durability.

  1. Low profile wall mount

This type is more appropriate for smaller areas. It is also the least expensive type of wall mount. The only problem is that connecting all the cables could be a challenge. The TV is so close to the wall and hiding the wires might be a problem. It is usually used for flat screen televisions and will make the TV look seamless.

  1. Tilting mount

This is a good alternative to the full motion TV mount. It is less expensive and it also has a wide variety of options available. It can hold heavy TVs and can be easily installed. For flexibility, sturdiness and design, this option is perfect.

Whatever type you decide to buy, you can find it at specialist suppliers like www.unicol.com. Start measuring the area where the TV is going to be placed and determine the dimensions of the TV, too. This helps in deciding which wall mount to buy and which area to place it in.

You can install the wall mount yourself since it won’t take a lot of time and effort, or seek help from someone else.

With the TV being wall mounted, the viewing experience is better. In an office where you have clients waiting to be attended, they won’t feel the time passing by at all. They will feel as if they are relaxing while watching TV. Waiting for their turn won’t be stressful anymore. Hence, it is best for offices and other business establishments to consider the use of a TV wall mount.


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