Why Tune-ups Are Important for Your Heating System


Everyone understands the importance of having a regular tune-up for your car. Spotting problems before they develop can keep you on the road longer and avoid frustrating delays. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of a road with auto trouble, and your family certainly doesn’t want to feel stranded in the middle of the winter in a freezing house. Your home should be are a sanctuary and a place where you feel comfortable. Experiencing heating problems in midwinter can create significant discomfort. Scheduling a tune-up every autumn before the first frosts can help your family feel warm and cozy all winter long.

Advantages of a Furnace Tune-Up

A furnace tune-up may seem like a simple operation. A professional might be able to do the job in a manner of minutes. However, it takes a professional to spot the kinds of problems that can develop into major issues later on. During a routine tune-up, the interior of the unit is inspected and filters are cleaned or replaced. This operation is necessary to prevent pollutants and dust from gathering in the air. You might not be able to see impurities that surround you and your family, but they can be the cause of asthma and allergy symptoms. Poor ventilation can cause bacteria and viruses to gather and can increase the risk of colds and flu.

A regular tune-up can help identify issues that prevent proper furnace functioning such as corrosion and wear and tear. Leaks and broken seals may be detected as well as pest infestations that would otherwise go unnoticed. The tune-up can help your furnace work more efficiently and can save you money on energy bills. Southern Air hvac services can inspect your furnace, make repairs and replace your unit if necessary. It is a good idea to plan a tune-up in early autumn before the weather is cold so you can have repairs or replacements made in time for winter.

What to Expect from a Tune-Up

When professionals come your home to give your furnace a tune-up, they will start with a thorough inspection. After looking over all of the working parts, they will lubricate areas to prevent friction. The pilot and gas pressure will be looked at and adjustments will be made if necessary. Almost all tune-ups include a filter replacement which will help your furnace work more efficiently and circulate cleaner air. Many professionals include a written analysis of the results of the tune-up and will suggest repairs or replacement if they are needed.

Why Hire Professionals

Many people feel that they can do their own furnace tune-up because it does not seem very labor-intensive. Sometimes all that is needed is an inspection of the furnace parts and the filter replacement. Putting a new filter in your furnace should be done several times a year through a simple procedure. However, it is important to hire experts to give your furnace a thorough examination at least once a year. Seasoned experts can spot minor problems and fix them before they develop into serious ones. Professionals can also suggest ways you can save energy and get more from your furnace.

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