That of scratch cards , on tricks, statistics and ways to win, is a world full of myths and legends, to rival the best fantasy film in the history of cinema.
But are there really tricks for choosing, the codes or the “particular signs” of the lucky card ?
The diatribe on the different currents of thought is many and confused. Furthermore, the possibility of abandoning the classic paper ticket with online scratch cards has been added to the confusion . However, a theory of recognizing the winning ticket through some factors is taking hold, leading to the production of a sort of “handbook for scratchers”.
There is a theory, supported by a Toronto, Canada-based statistical analysis consultant named Mohan Srivastava , according to which the Scratch numbers are not really random, but they hide a hidden mathematical logic , decided by the producers to keep track of them. .
Mohan has spent hours and hours trying to understand this system, on the other hand it is his job to find connections between numbers, and he has found the algorithm that predicts whether a ticket hides lucky numbers or not. This as regards the lottery of Ontario, the region where he lives, but in Italy, will there be scratch cards to study to understand something more?
When we talk about scratch card tricks we are not talking about cheating, but rather following useful tricks to optimize our games , excluding those mistakes that would make us lose without a shadow of a doubt. An example would be to choose newly distributed Scratch Cards : as there are a very large amount of tickets, they will also contain a large amount of prizes not yet drawn.
We always talk about percentages, and not absolute data, but often consistent winnings are obtained in the first weeks of the release of a certain scratch card. Another well-known fact is that if you play with tickets that cost more, they pay more , because that cost guarantees the buyer more chances of winning than a ticket, for example, for one euro.
The Billionaire: tricks
The ” Millionaire ” is part of the family precisely the Billionaires, which also includes the ” Maximiliardario ” and ” Megamiliardario “. For the real “billionaire”, one of the most popular scratch cards , we can say that it is not recommended, for example, the purchase of the entire block of 60 tickets at a cost of 5 euros for each unit, as the win average potential for each block is only 145 euros. So absolutely not a sure sign of winning.
The advice on the series and the numbers to avoid is also very interesting, such as the coupons 000 and 059, in practice first and last of the block, almost certainly losers. Most of the winnings are statistically between ticket 001 and ticket 031 .
The Lingotto
Instead, as regards another very famous coupon, the Lingotto , if a ticket with an ingot comes out, the following coupon will almost certainly lose, and in any case the winnings in the next two series will be very low.
Scratch Win: tricks, particular signs and graphic defects
There is no real trick to winning at Scratch Cards. However, there are theories of particular, unusual signs, such as graphic defects, on winning tickets, with a winning percentage, even 99% ! In fact, if there were to be black dots on the Millionaire coins , this is sure to be a winner. Another anomaly concerns the presence of crosses close to the serial number .
Myths? Legends? Creations to increase the stakes? We will never know… But the real percentages are certainly not on the side of the thinkers of these theories. In fact, the prints with winnings exceeding 10 thousand euros are very low, stopping at 1 in 1,000,000, with a ticket cost of 5 euros, 3.5 out of 1,000,000 for winnings up to 100,000 and even 17 out of 1,000,000 for winnings over 100,000 with a ticket cost of 10 euros.
Play Responsibly
The only real trick is to play occasionally , and perhaps on slightly more expensive tickets , when you feel in the air that it is your lucky moment. Only in this case the percentage has nothing to do with it. As the amount of play increases, the chances of winning do not necessarily increase. Good luck!

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